1920s Chandelier Lighting Features

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Vintage 1920s Chandelier

1920s chandelier – In the 1920s, some interior lighting fixtures are manufactured in gas and electric combinations. Gaslights Victorian era are being phased out and electricity was still considered new and unpredictable for many. However, as public confidence in this innovation, many accessories were exclusively electric. electrical cables covered fabric allowed for the suspension of lighting, like chandeliers, which were developed in 1915. Both wall sconces and hanging chain accessories were popular in the 1920s.

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His house was 1920 may be in the traditional style or Mission. This architectural design was characterized by naturalist and wood and stone building materials in the area, as well as an artistic output from the opulent style of the reigning Queen Anne. 1920s chandelier lighting fixtures angular square or rectangular shapes were crafted iron or bronze, while linear iron chandeliers hung from thick chains.

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1920s chandelier, a more elaborate lighting style Mission of the 1920s cousin is the colorful art glass accessory. Characterized by or creamy amber glass shades with tapering trapezoidal faces up iron or brass lamps, table accessories and wall art glass always a soft, warm light and distinctive. Curve screens tinted or colored glass was also used at this time.

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