1930s Chandelier Tiffany Style

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1930s Chandelier With Modern Dining Room

1930s chandelier – Tiffany lamps are a completely separate chapter in the realm of enlightenment. As is known these lamps you are made based on a designed technique and developed between 1890 and 1930 by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a fabulous designer and American artist dedicated among other things to glass and vitraux, who worked in what style is called art nouveau.

The technique developed by the artist in relation to lamps made in stained glass 1930s chandelier guy had a huge impact and in essence is a stained glass technique in which a copper tape is used at the edges of the glass, which they are welded together. Molds of Tiffany lamps sometimes pre-designed templates. When being made, these lamps are based on the union of different colored glasses; each of these pieces of glass is a work of art in itself, but also combined to offer diverse and very singular results.

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The design and geometry in the service of 1930s chandelier together give as a result of enormous beauty. Usually no opaque glass used in general very vivid colors. The glasses are cut and joined as by welding they said. This production mode defines one of the particularities of tiffany lamps, and each model is unique, no two are alike.

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