1960s Chandelier Original

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Model Of 1960s Chandelier

1960s chandelier – Since the 1960s, street of Banceuy, Bandung, Indonesia became sales centers chandelier. Along this road there are about 20 shops selling almost all kinds of pendant lamp, chandelier models of the 1960s can still be found here. Therefore, consumers would surely love shopping at this center for much product selection. Because of his shop a lot, and also consumers could compare prices.

Each buyer can choose a chandelier in accordance with the form and the desired model. Among them was the hanging model lamps, ceiling lamps, and lamps outboard wall, there is also 1960s chandelier. Because the products offered complete, this area is a favorite spot of shopping chandelier.

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This area sells various chandeliers ranging from classic to modern models. The chandelier was priced from Rap 300,000 to Rp 5 million per unit. Special 1960s chandelier prices range from Rp 1.5 million to five million. Actually, 1960s chandelier the large size there that cost tens of millions. However, the seller is only selling price in the range of Rp 5 million. You see, chandelier tens of millions is rarely sold. Said one of the sellers’ Turnover expensive decorative lights a bit slow. “This possibly could we convey relevant 1960s chandelier may be useful for your daily life.

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