2 Shelf Bookcase Decor Ideas

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2 Shelf Bookcase Design

2 shelf bookcase – Books are one of those things that as if by magic we accumulate in our homes, so the shelf are much needed furniture, today we show you how to make your own shelf. Both the sides and the shelves have recesses 60 mm deep and 20 mm wide: from front side and from behind the shelves. Work with maximum precision so that the notches fit perfectly.

2 shelf bookcase, mark the notches on the sides and shelves. To this end, the two sides together and attach them with presses. Wooden blocks used as bases to avoid leaving pressure marks. Draw with pencil on the front edges of the shelves positions. Extend using the carpenter’s square (90 ° angle with a stop) 62 mm for the side surfaces. Following the same principle, also draws the notches on the shelves, but in this case remembers that you must do from the rear edge.

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2 shelf bookcase, at the moment they are drawn all the lines, place the drill with milling wood drill bit 20 mm (note that the diameter must always correspond to the maximum thickness of the board) in each case at the inner end of the cut drawn so that the centering tip of the drill is positioned 10 mm away from the end of the notch drawn. Thus, the hole is exactly within the brand.

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