3 Drawer Chest Look Like New

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3 Drawer Chest Color

3 drawer chest – Looking Ideas to make your cabinets and drawers look like new? want to give them a fresher air? It is normal that with passage of time and use drawers and kitchen cabinets, room, bathroom, pantry and even closet was ramp, scratched, worn look, not open easily, do not close, etc. However, buying new is usually quite expensive, so there are several alternatives that can serve to solve these minor inconveniences and make your objects look like new.

To remove smudges or scratches from wood 3 drawer chest (or at least disguise) you can opt for following tricks: Apply to affected area a little cod liver oil, wait a few hours until it penetrates into wood and then proceeds to rub with any polishing cloth. If for any reason cannot find cod liver oil, you can resort to preparation of a homemade moisturizer. For this you need a little moisturizer and soluble coffee, mix well and place on affected area leaving work overnight. Next morning you must remove excess with a cloth. Finally, you can also turn to apply a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice; to top off any imperfections you can apply a little wax color of wood and ready.

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Problem of bottom 3 drawer chest is broken or sunk, is that this will be a problem when you open or close (in addition to possibility that your clothing or other objects from falling). Usually, top drawer rubs lower and lower with cabinet. A simple way to fix it is by placing a wood strip in center of base (on bottom) where more wood background sways and will support all weight. To fix it, take metal angles 6 screws each. Place them in center and screw them, result is spectacular.

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