5 Light Chandelier With Shades

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5 Light Chandelier With Shades Ideas

5 light chandelier with shades – First, disconnect the power correctly and the tester will not record any power. Remove the existing lighting fixture ceiling glass screen taking the lamp and removing the light bulbs, exposing the screws that hold the unit to the ceiling junction box. Make holes in the ceiling for the installation of five additional lamps. Pull a length of 14/2 nonmetallic (NM) electrical cable from the original location lamp for each additional locations lamp.

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Peel the power cord NM 14/2 lamp in the original location and the two additional places lamp. Remove 3/4-inch of insulation from each black and white wire in three places. Install the ceiling junction boxes remodeling pulling electrical wires on the back of the boxes through the knockouts. Assemble your new 5 light chandelier with shades following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install 5 light chandelier with shades turning orange wire connector on lamp cords black and black wires ceiling junction boxes that connect to each other. Repeat this connection for the white wires of the lighting fixtures, connecting to the white wires of the ceiling junction boxes. Connecting all of wire together and push all wires in the ceiling junction box and place the lamp with the screws provided with the light and mounting hardware. Install bulbs and light colors.

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