6 Drawer Chest: Perfect Solution For Storage

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6 Drawer Chest Bedroom

6 drawer chest – Many furniture companies realize that customers want more storage space. The need for more storage has created a need for multipurpose furniture with built-in storage space. I recommends looking for elements such as a coffee table with built-in drawers, side tables with closed cabinets and a stool or bench with a hinged top and chest-like storage inside.

Use 6 drawer chest for more than just the book is a storage idea that acts as a decoration technique. I recommends using shelves behind a bed as a substitute for a headboard, while some people suggests covering an entire wall with egg-crate shelves to store items while keeping them on the screen.

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If you have a large 6 drawer chest with a hinged lid, you can create hidden storage to a small television. Attaching the TV to the underside of the lid on the bench. Just be sure to use locking hinges so the bench lid will not accidentally close when you do not want it. It is a perfect solution for the bedroom, as many people have a bench at the foot of the bed to switch clothes and shoes. You can still use the device as a bench during the day and then as a TV monitor in the evening.

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