Affordable Reclaimed Wood Shelf

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Interior Reclaimed Wood Shelf

Reclaimed wood shelf – today we want to show now are wooden shelves , but they have a very modern style, and not only that adorn the wall, but you can place your books and other decorative elements on shelves which completely updated “look” of your room, your living room or your kitchen.

If you have a room, or living room, with a blank wall color and you want to fill with modern reclaimed wood shelf, perhaps a good solution is the opt for originality that can have shelves. Wooden wall shelves that have a design in which all are arranged so that it seems that we are creating a “collage “on our wall. Larger or smaller, square shapes or ladder. Try to combine them, but if they are of a similar tone for the whole stay with a “look” unified.

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For those that you may have one house that is small you can always opt for shelves that are modern and yet an ideal size for a tiny room. reclaimed wood shelf wall as we see in the above image that from a wooden vertical, have been placed several floating shelves to place books stacked. On the other hand it should be noted that the wooden shelves and shelves with a modern design, fashionable but we can also integrate them into spaces like the living room or bedroom with furniture that are obviously the same style and design.

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