All About Bamboo Flooring

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Amazing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring – Bamboo flooring is a favorite alternative to hardwood. Giving the same beauty and durability without the environmental concerns caused by hardwood harvesting. While bamboo flooring is somewhat more forgiving than hard when it comes to moisture, too much moisture or water still causes damage to the floor. Because of this, bamboo flooring owners take care when choosing cleaning products to avoid using detergents with plenty of water for them to their floors.

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Bamboo flooring is seeing a rise in popularity in America as homeowners. Attracted by their appearance, and relatively low cost, start installing it in their homes. Bamboo is naturally renewable and comes in a variety of shades and patterns. Most bamboo products are completed in the factory. Allowing homeowners to skip an installation step and install floor faster. However, bamboo flooring is also very sensitive to the cleaner, so be careful when maintaining the floor.

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Bamboo flooring is sensitive to most cleaners. Do not use bleach, acids or oil soaps on the floor, as these cleaners can discolor and destroy finish. Instead, look to see what the manufacturer recommends. There are several lines of floor care products, Bona, who specializes in injury-cleaning of lacquered wood flooring like bamboo.

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