Another Idea Of Bed Frame And Headboard

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Bed Frame And Headboard Install

The backs of bed frame and headboard, always look well upholstered in fabrics. They are an alternative that never goes out of style. A form of upholstering the headboard, which looks great in any decorative style, is the capitonado. The capitoné is padded and fluffy, which forms rhombuses or squares through buttons. It is a coating that brings a lot of elegance and sophistication to the decoration of the headboard and the bedroom in general.

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You can also choose fabrics that stay smooth and light, if you look for a more discreet aesthetic. Among the most popular fabrics for its soft touch, functionality and beauty are velvet, microfiber and wool. Bed frame and headboard can be designed. And made in different materials, sizes and shapes, which will give greater authenticity to the decoration of the room.

The leather headboards are very elegant and you can find different colors to achieve the desired effect. These backs for the bed are extremely comfortable and cushioned, besides being very pleasant to the touch. Being a synthetic product, it has a lower price than an authentic leather bed frame and headboard, which is a good choice for the head of the bed. The leatherette is easy to clean and maintain, because with just a damp cloth with a little soap, the stains and dust easily come out.

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