Antique Stained Glass Chandelier Lighting

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Antique Stained Glass Chandelier With Pull Chain

Antique stained glass chandelier – In this article is not about liberal or suicide, it’s about the famous glass pattern stained bleeding heart. If you’ve ever wondered the true origin of the words bleeding heart, you are in the right place.

Antique stained glass chandelier originally derived from flowers. The dicentra genus has about 20 species of flowering plants native to Asia and North America. Bleeding heart name used to describe many species, because the flowers that grows on plants. Flower resembles a heart shape with a drop fall from it. These flowers are usually pink, red or white, and although they may have different sizes, they are usually small flowers. These flowers are so beautiful and quaint inspired stained glass workers in early Victorian times to reproduce the image.

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Pattern antique stained glass chandelier is a good pattern to use in your home. Bright colors and unique shape that is true to the Victorian era trend of stained glass. When you’re shopping for stained glass, considering the unique design and historically rich and when your friends ask about it, you can tell them all about the history of the true “bleeding heart”.

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