Assembling Five Drawer Boxes With Riser

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Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes – If you own or are considering buying, a craftsman five-drawer tool cabinet, here are the basic steps you need to put together. Remove the log from the package. If your trunk has boxes, these should be installed. Remove the bottom drawer in the stocks, if there is one, and turn the log up and down. With four screws and nuts per caster attached wheels on the bottom of the log.

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Place the log block in the back corner of the top of the log. Each block should be labeled L or R, represents about placing it on the right or left side. Assemble the parts washer in the forefront riser. Use hooks on the two last pieces to connect them to eye-catcher. Attach the whole assembly to the log by snapping into place in front of the log.

Remove the five-drawer cabinet from its packaging. The cabinet has delivered assembled, so it only needs to be adding on top of the log. Place cabinet on top of the log. Slide the cabinet on the riser block. What if the disk does not bolt on the log, so be careful when you move the assembly. Install all parts drawer boxes that may have been taken by your Craftsman tool cabinet.

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