Attractive Towel Shelf Style

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Build Towel Shelf

Towel shelf – Although it seems a trivial thing, it is not for nothing. If you have a large bathroom, with cabinets and storage enough to keep towels and keep them in order it will not be complicated. Now, when bathroom is small and limited storage, imagination must begin to fly if we want an organized bathroom and some clean towels and accessible.

So leave towels out is an idea that makes its way off habit of storing in towel shelf or cabinets. To do this, you just have to choose a suitable place, a shelf, a hole in cabinet, on a cabinet or hung on hangers. Placing mode is your choice, but most common is in form of roll, wrapped in a correct way to and grouped by color or by size. Honoring recycling, get some old wooden boxes and use them as shelves for towels. few white towels with look of an aged wood is ideal.

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If you need space, you look for it where you can. space above door is usually an ideal to install a wooden plank and improvise a rack for towels place. Moreover, this idea does not hinder passage or aesthetics of room. Create makeshift shelves is already a practice in world of decoration. Imagination has no limits and that’s why I already talked to stairs that serve as towel shelf ... restores an old piece and result will be twice as good. Organizes towels hanging them by type of use, sizes or colors

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