How Good Car Maintenance Lowers Auto Insurance Quotes

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You probably know that providing regular maintenance to your car saves you money in the future on repairs, but do you realize it can also save you on auto insurance? When you don’t care for your car on a regular basis, you increase the likelihood that something will go wrong. Many things that can go wrong can happen while you are driving and cause an accident. It is important to maintain your car for your safety.

Routine Maintenance

Certain maintenance must be carried out on a regular basis. This includes checking and changing the oil, checking tire pressure and fluid levels, replacing spark plugs, and inspecting the brakes. Not all of this must be done the same time, but it should be followed at some point in the ownership of your car. If you buy a used car, you may have to maintain it more often because you do not know how the previous owner took care of it.

Some aspects of the car are more dangerous than others when they fail or quit working. Brakes, power steering, and tires are three areas that can cause serious accidents when something goes wrong. If you keep a car over 100,000 miles, you can expect to replace the brakes and tires. Power steering may never need to be changed, but it is important to keep an eye on fluid levels.

Tires need to be monitored for wear on the tread and replaced before they become hazardous. However, other issues arise with tires such as wearing on one side only or knots that form on the tires that can cause issues with driving.

Follow Your Maintenance Guide

If you buy a brand new or new used car, you will probably have the car guide in your glove compartment. Take the time to read the section on maintenance; this tells you when to make appointments for the various systems on your car. Follow this guide because it was designed for your make and model of car.

When you don’t care for your car the way it needs to be, you end up with more repairs and many of those can cause serious accidents with other cars. Those accidents can raise your auto insurance quotes, especially if you were at fault. For instance, if your brakes fail, you can run into another car, tree, or building. While the damage may not be severe and no injuries may result, it will be seen as an at-fault accident if you report it on your insurance.

The next time you try to get auto insurance quotes, the accident will be reflected in the prices. Prevent this problem by providing regular maintenance and care for your vehicle. It only takes a few minutes to schedule an appointment and an afternoon to get it taken care of, but it can protect you from serious consequences.