Bamboo Privacy Fence Ideas

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Bamboo Privacy Fence Garden

Bamboo privacy fence is suitable for the cultivation of peas and twisting vines. Narrow the breadth of the bamboo poles that make up the fence is just the right size for pea vines to climb, and the gaps between each of the poles of rolled fence gives room for the vines to twine about the Poles. Fencing is also attractive when the gardening season is over, lending both privacy and natural interest in landscape design. Hot rolled bamboo fence is easily accessible and easy to install.

Dig a hole one foot deep with a post hole digger at one end of the garden rows. Dig a second hole in the end of the line, or dig a hole every 4 feet of the line is more than 4 feet long. Set a 6-foot high fence post in each hole. Fill the hole around the post with soil and pack down well to support post. Nail one end of the hot rolled bamboo fencing to the first post. Roll the fence to the next post and nail it down. Continue for each post on the line until the entire bamboo privacy fence is installed.

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Sow pea seeds as soon as the soil warms enough to work in early spring. Plant each seed 1 inch deep at the base of bamboo privacy fence, seeds spaced 2 inches apart along the row. The guide young vines on bamboo fence when they are long enough, within about two weeks after sowing. Pull the tips of the vines to the trellis and Linda end clockwise around a bamboo post once or twice. Vines will then climb the trellis on your own.

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