Bamboo Shades Ikea: Cool For Terrace

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Bamboo Shades Ikea Panels Privacy Screens

Bamboo shades ikea – If you are an environmentalist or like to feel committed to environment, this other option is right for you. Plants are ideal to cover sun and prevent rays from overheating our terrace. They also have a double advantage and are that plants themselves offer a nice decorative touch that in gardens and terraces always looks great. If we also take into account that plants improve air quality and create a much cooler environment, we will be crazy to install our first vines.

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All we need is to place a pair of slats and a big wire that covers desired ceiling and let nature take over place, offering us bamboo shades ikea, freshness and also a hollow of privacy. Of course, if you want some advice, not everything is wooden slats and plant leaves … possibilities to create a roof extend to field of textile. Some fabrics are ideal as canvas to create a piece of shade on terrace by means of a classic awning or canvas in form of umbrellas to help us blur entrance of sun.

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We can even put muslin side curtains if we want a more protected area against mosquitoes, for example. This type of installation can be from something very rustic done by ourselves, to other more complex structures if we want it to be something more durable and resistant. According to your economic possibilities, this bamboo shades ikea can be very cool!

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