Bamboo Wall Covering Ideas

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Bamboo Wall Covering Good

Bamboo wall covering – Bamboo is used to make furniture, carpets and buildings. It can also be used as a wall covering which will in embodiments ranging from light to dark and in different embodiments. On average, a bamboo wall covering 1/16 inches thick, has a cotton backing net to make it easy to glue on a wall, and the slats of bamboo 1/2 inch wide. Give your walls a new; warmer look with bamboo can give your place a tropical feel.


Measure the height and width of the bamboo wall covering siding. Multiply the height and width together. This is the surface of the siding you will need to buy. Place the siding on the floor, cotton backing up, and piece together how they will be placed on the wall. You want to start in a corner of the wall and end in a corner. Try to keep the seams or areas where the two covering meet in discreet places like doorways or window frames. Use a tape measure to ensure siding measurements are exact.

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Prime wall with wallpaper primer roles. This will seal the plaster. Allow to dry before continuing. Apply the wallpaper paste on the back of the first sheet of the bamboo siding with a paint roller. Keep siding on the wall of the starting corner. You need two people. The line piece on the wall that connects the first part. Applying pressure vertically from top to bottom for attaching the piece to the wall. Continue this process with the remaining bits until the bamboo wall covering.

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