Bamboo Wood Flooring: Friendly Solution In Your Home

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Bamboo Wood Flooring Home

Bamboo wood flooring – First of all, bamboo flooring is a very environmentally friendly solution for the floors in your home. Bamboo is an herbaceous species, which means that every year it sprouts again even if it is cut. In this way, it is considered a totally sustainable material that will not only give your home a fantastic look, but also take care of our planet.

Second, the fiber composition of the bamboo wood flooring gives this material a resistance comparable to the metal and hardness similar to that of the oak. Hence it can be used for the construction of numerous elements, such as doors, furniture, outdoor structures, etc. As a curiosity, bamboo scaffolding is used in Hong Kong for constructions of high urban buildings.

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Another great advantage of bamboo floors is that they can be installed on any base, even those with radiant heating. In addition, bamboo planks are installed more easily than wood, since they are more resistant to deforming due to their properties to combat moisture. In terms of maintenance, bamboo wood flooring hardly requires care, just brush and vacuum cleaner to remove particles of dirt. In addition, they can be scrubbed with lukewarm water. It is recommended to ventilate rooms well and use humidifiers to regulate humidity levels.

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