Bar Style Kitchen Table Design

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Wonderful Bar Style Kitchen Table

Bar style kitchen table – The table is the centerpiece of many kitchens, as it can serve multiple functions. It is a food preparation station, when the counters are full, a place to sit and do homework, a temporary drop for mail and keys, a place of relaxation and a place to eat meals, especially if you It does not have a dining room. When making your own kitchen table, use resistant materials and design a table to suit your creative abilities.

Design bar style kitchen table, peculiar to a wooden door. Trim it shorter if necessary to fit in your kitchen, then sand any varnish and old paint and apply new paint, if desired. As an alternative, cover the door with a collage with photos from magazines, old period newspapers or ephemera laying with decoupage paste. Finish the surface of the door-table with a layer of strong lacquer to protect it from unavoidable scratches. Screw on a set of legs of the wooden table.

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Make a small space in the kitchen surprisingly functional by installing a platform that protrudes from the wall at waist height, making a kind of coffee bar style kitchen table. You will want an extra wide platform for maximum functionality. Painting or repainting the platform to match your kitchen. Select robust shelf supports that will not collapse if someone leans their elbows on the table at dinner or falls half asleep on a cereal plate.

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