Beautiful And Elegant Candle Chandelier

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Candle chandelier – A homemade candle chandelier can be a unique and attractive way to add a beautiful lighting accent to a room. The soft glow of candles can set a wonderful ambiance for special occasions. Choose your own size and color of both the league and the lights. Whether you choose a small chandelier or a large-scale candle chandelier, it will add a remarkable and inexpensive hub to all rooms.

Select a picture with a size that fits your needs. A great room would need a larger frame and a small space would need a smaller frame.  Prepare the frame for use as chandelier base by removing all paper and cardboard inserts and backing from the frame. Fix the glass in the frame by means of mechanisms at the rear of the frame. Measure the desired distance where hanging candle chandelier from the ceiling. Using a measuring tape, starting at the ceiling and measure down to the desired hanging height of the candle chandelier.

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Screw one eye hooks into each of the four corners, at the back of the frame. Attach a S hook to each of the four eye hooks by sliding through eye hooks opening. Attach the lighting chains to each of the four S hooks by pushing the first link in the chain of S-hook. Screw a swivel ceiling hook in the ceiling in the center of the desired hanging location for candle chandelier. Before the last term on each of the four lengths of lighting chain in the open end of the swivel ceiling hook to hang the chandelier. Place candles on the glass surface of the chandelier and light when desired. Light can also be placed on decorative candles plates or candlesticks to prevent melted wax dripping onto the glass surface of the candle chandelier.

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