Beautiful Floral Bedding Sets

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Light Blue And Pink Floral Bedding Sets

Floral Bedding Sets – What is your favorite flower? Rose, poppy and lily also tulip or something else all together? Whatever your preference, you can sleep in a bed of your favorite flowers every night with floral bedding. This style was once found on the bed of almost every little girl and mother and grandmother. In more recent years, it became a pattern only found in the bedrooms of grandmothers. Now, however, a modern-spin on bedding has brought it back to center stage. Large prints of gorgeous red daisies, roses and lilies look chic and formal rather than grandmotherly. Some popular brightly colored floral bedding prints are combine with modern geometric shapes and neutral colors for that sophisticated look where less is more. The entire duvet need not be bursting with hot pink and yellow to be gorgeously floral.

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Many floral bedding sets options are reversible, meaning they have a differing pattern on each side. This provides you with a way of redecorating with almost zero effort. One side will often feature an oversized print which is desirable for that sophisticated look. The other side will usually be either a matching solid color or have smaller prints of the same image that can be found on the first side. The option of changing your bedding without really changing your bedding is appealing to many people who like to alter the look of a room at no extra cost. It is the fastest, most inexpensive way to change the entire feel of a room.

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Floral prints can be found in so many different styles that it is easy to find something that will work for you, even if you are a man! Yes, there are some floral bedding sets that actually look masculine. Such prints are complete with stripes in neutrals, blues and greens. The floral portions on these duvets are usually more like stylized leaves set within the stripes. For women and girls, there are bright in-style colors like lavender, lime green and burgundy along with traditional floral colors like pink, red and yellow.

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