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Room and board bar stools – As different as are stools are their possibilities to combine, fill and decorate any space. You can choose stools that combine with sofa to put them close, or with table to accompany them. First and main thing is visualization of each room, what looks at each point of it and where we need or want stool to be located. We may be afraid to remove a chair to put a stool, forget it! Stools are as elegant or more than any chair.

Let’s say for example bathroom, who does not have an extra seat in bathroom, and who wants to use a chair in bathroom? because for this we have room and board bar stools, equally beautiful, decorated to fit well in decoration and with ideal size so that we can sit down to dry, put on creams, cut our nails and a thousand other things that can be done. Also, for older people will serve as a point of support in bathroom.

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Following same reasons we could use same theory if we have a dresser, with right stool to play, besides not occupying space, will enhance beauty of that sacred place in which we arrange ourselves every day. As additional advantages, stools offer us a wide variety of possibilities, room and board bar stools for wet spaces, metal for elegant spaces, wood for rustic or colored plastics to fan any room, they all have in common that they are very easy to clean.

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