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Bed Headboard Ideas Padded

Bed Headboard Ideas – The headboard of the bed is an element that we do not pay excessive attention to when choosing a bed and bedroom decoration. But once finished we realize that it becomes one of the protagonists. Building your own headboard is nothing complicated and allows you to choose from endless compositions.

The bed headboard ideas construction system can be adapted to any shape and you can cover it with the fabric that you like the most. You can make the pitch of a single piece or make a composition of elements covered with different fabrics. As a base, it uses a DM board of between ½ and 1 cm. Draw on it the measurements or the shape you want to give it and cut it out. Line the board with foam to give body and is fluffy.

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Fold over the edges and engrave it on the back. Then line the back with the fabric. To give it a quilted finish, draw a grid on the back and drill it with a drill. (There are boards that carry a grid of holes). Once upholstered, pass a needle through the hole and place a button at each end. Tighten the thread and it will give you the desired padded shape. If, on the other hand, you prefer to build more natural bed headboard ideas, use fine woods or sheets.

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