Best Design Farmhouse Headboard

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Good Farmhouse Headboard

Farmhouse headboard function as a reference center and decorative element in the bedroom. As soon as you enter the room, your gaze immediately goes to bed. The use of alternative ideas for headboards gives your room a feeling that you will not find in a room using a mass production headboard. Use the items recovered from old houses or items that you already have in hand to create a new and unique headboard.

Chimneys in the fireplace work well as farmhouse headboard. Buy a mantelpiece, making sure it is wide enough to stretch across the width of the bed. Because fireplaces are typically not very spacious, they are best suited for a double or matrimonial bed. Decide on the location of the bed and place the mantelpiece flush against the wall. From nails or screws to the fireplace in place. And using the hardware long enough to firmly anchor the ledge on the wall. Slip the bed into place at the front and decorate the mantelpiece with framed photos or trinkets.

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Ideas of farmhouse headboard shelf, find cheap shelves the same width as your bed. Remove the bed from the wall and place the shelves behind the bed. Secure the shelves to the wall with screws or nails and push the bed into place. For a more personalized look, use interlocking, hanging shelves. The shelves come in different sizes, which give you the option of making a customization shelving system that covers the wall behind your bed.

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