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Rustic Chic Bedding Sets

Rustic chic bedding becomes more and more trendy thanks to designers like Rachel Ashwell who popularized the term shabby chic in the 1980s. If you plan to include this style in your bedroom, here are the most important things you need to know about this beautiful type of bed. Chic bedding is a great choice whether you have a small or large budget. Although of course there are high-end choices, there are many cheaper ones. You can even shop for used goods, but when it comes to new beds it is always the best choice.

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And because there is a high demand, many manufacturers come out with their own rustic chic bedding lines. This is perfect for consumers because it means a high-quality bed that is new but has a vintage style and looks. Buying decorations to match your bed can be very pleasant and very cheap too. Shopping at thrift stores and in garage sales, you can almost always find outdated items that complete this style perfectly.

And of course, online there are many new brands that are made to look old, for example, mirrors, frames, tables, etc. Unlike other themes, with a combination of chic shabby and matching looks amazing. Although of course there are lots of colors available, there are some of the most popular ones. White is, without a doubt, the most common, and elegant, easy to match, and looks clean. Yellow, blue and red is also very often used especially with white and white-off skin and with floral patterns. And don’t forget the rustic chic bedding pink sheets will definitely make your room more feminine. Pink and white also occur to make beautiful combinations.

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