Birdcage Chandelier: Look Pretty!

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Birdcage Chandelier Bedroom

Birdcage chandelier –┬áBridal events have been first to include cages and transform them into a decorative item required for most weddings. We refer to bird cages! They are a decorative element that well combined, will help to create a romantic and vintage look anywhere. Cages have become items of own vintage style decoration, because normally most beautiful are often found in antique markets. Of course, if we have any old cage at home or in cellar, where we accumulate heirlooms, we can restore it and make our DIY chandelier birdcage.

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It is increasingly common to find integrated in decoration of different spaces and different environments, and are not only suitable spaces inspired vintage or Shabby Chic, although in these cases will neither painted … But we can already see stylish living rooms for example, of Nordic inspiration with a birdcage chandelier as main decorative element.

We say because main bird cages are not exactly small, so you have to be very careful when deciding where to place them and how. There are times or ideas that allow us to place several boards, for example when we go to reuse them as birdcage chandelier … However, to decorate a living room, a hall or center table; for a special event; must exercise discretion and not recharge. In some countries, with arrival of spring adapted decorating homes this season and cages are one of basic supplements.

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