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4 Light Chandelier Color

4 light chandelier – Today’s chandeliers are more versatile than their ornate, bejeweled ancestors. If you are attracted by suspended lighting, but will avoid a “Palace of Versailles” atmosphere, consider clever ideas for incorporating chandeliers in your space. Find the best chandelier for purposes of perusing the options and considering the overall look you want to create.

Incorporate 4 light chandelier decor in a surprising, smart way by placing them in unexpected places. Installing a dimmer on a bathroom chandelier decadent primping and soaks. Let a Dingle on the bed instead of a desk lamp. Use a long necklace to hang light low so that light output intimate is flooded room but adequate for reading. A chandelier in the walk-in closet is the ideal touch for towel rail. Princess-obsessed children will be amazed when you install a decadent chandelier in her bedroom.

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Away from old crystals and select 4 light chandelier featuring modern, bright or unusual color. Spray-paint a chandelier an unexpected shade of neon yellow, pink or orange stand out in a modern living room. Adding silver leaf for a little extra on a white chandelier; Choose a chandelier made of light, cheerful turquoise beads to instantly create a monochrome room feel warm and innovative.

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