Build 4 Drawer Dresser Out Of Cardboard

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Wonderful 4 Drawer Dresser

4 drawer dresser – First, stable 4 shoeboxes superimposed. Measure the height of the stacked crates. Measure the width of the boxes. To create five large flat sheets of cardboard, cut cardboard box. Third, cut a piece of cardboard for measuring the height of the stacked shoeboxes plus 2 inches. Cut two sheets for measuring the width of the boxes plus 1 inch.

To create 4 drawer dresser frames with masking tape, Tape the cut sheets of cardboard together. Attach long strips of masking tape on the inside and outside of the bureau on all seams for reinforcement. Fifth, place stacked shoeboxes with lids inside the dresser frame and mark the top edges of the boxes inside the frame sides with pencil. Sixth, create tray supports inside edges of the frame with 1-inch wide sections of the shoebox lids at the marked locations.

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Attaching guides with masking tape on the top and bottom of the carrier so that the carrier to securely extend perpendicularly from the supporting wall. Cut 4 cardboard strips measuring 4 inches by 2 inches for drawer pulls from left shoebox lids. Fest draws to the front of the shoebox drawers with masking tape. Eight, repainting the suits and shoebox drawer fronts color of choice with poster paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly overnight. Last, put drawers in the dresser. And the 4 drawer dresser was done.

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