Build A White Wall Shelf With Hooks

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Amazing Wall Shelf With Hooks

Wall shelf with hooks – A white wall shelf with hooks is ideal for use in a bathroom or laundry room or even a closet or dressing room. The white will add a country feel to the interior, and if you enjoyed the shelf by sending it back easily in places, it will be shabby chic in no time. Shelves must always be attached to the wall studs for safety’s sake; otherwise the shelf may fall off the wall, if too much is put on it.

Build a white wall shelf with hooks; Paint all parts of the shelf white. This includes a 40-inch plank of 1-by-12 lumber for shelf top.  Measure from the ceiling height you want the shelf, so mark a level line 36 inches long spans three wall studs. Use a stud finder to locate the studs. Position the cleat over the line and attach it to the wall with two 3-inch drywall screws at each wall stud point. Place the two bracket anchors perpendicular to the ends of the cleat. Secure them in place with screws through the drywall every corner of the anchor.

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Build a white wall shelf with hooks, Pre-drill pilot holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw hooks evenly distributed along the cleat. There must be at least 2 inches clear on each end of the cleat. Place the vertical arm of a bracket in each barrel, with the top of the bracket level with the top of the cleat. Fix the brackets to clamp and anchors with drywall screws through the mounting screw holes. Place the shelf top of bracket horizontal arms. Touch up any visible screw holes with wood putty, and then repaint in white when the kit is dry.

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