How To Build A Cable Box Shelf

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Cable Box Shelf Cabinet

Cable box shelf – Installation of the cable box on the wall eliminates the need for a large entertainment center, which is especially useful if your TV is wall-mounted. Find two adjacent spikes on the wall. Press the wall gently with a hammer to find the studs. The hammer does a solid sound of the stud, but sounds hollow when there is no stud. Studs typically placed 16 to 24 inches apart.

Symbols for opening the shelf to the wall between the studs, using a ruler and a spirit level in order to ensure the pages are equal. Draw slot such that it is at least 4 inches higher than the height of the cable box shelf.  Cut the opening along your marked lines with a drywall jab saw. Begin by cutting along the top line until you reach the stud. Cut through drywall is flush stud until you reach the bottom line. Cut along the bottom line until you reach the other stud, cut up the stud, and pop out drywall.

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Measure the depth of the opening. Most walls are made from 2-by-3-or 2 -by- 4-inch spikes, so they have a 3 – or 4-inch depth. Measuring the distance between the two tabs along the top section for cable box shelf. Transfer this measurement to a 2 -by- 4-inch or 2-by-3- inch board using the board size to fit your wall depth.  Drill two holes in each end of the board. The holes 1-inch in from the edge and drilling them in a 45 – degree angle, with the help of a little less than a size wood screws.

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