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Celestial King Bedding Set

Surely it has happened to you: you must buy new sheet for your bed or those of your children and you do not know what measures they have. Maybe you know the name of the standard king bedding set, for example- but you do not know exactly how many centimeters long and wide it is. Then you play for some sheets that are sold as King, but when you get home you realize that you have huge. And beware, that in general the sheets are not cheap!

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How to hit on the measurements then? Although it is important to know the standard denomination of the measurements of your bed: individual, square and half, matrimonial, queen, king or super king, it is even more important that you know the exact measurements of the size of your mattress. Only when you have measured the length and width of your bed, go to the store to buy a set of king bedding set.

Why does this happen? Because the standard denominations fluctuate in terms of measurements; if in a store the king bedding set correspond to 2m. x 2m., in another they can correspond to 180 cm. x 200 cm And believe it, you will miss those 20 centimeters when the sheets you buy are girls.

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