Chandelier Shades Ideas Design

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Awesome Chandelier Shades

Learning how to make chandelier shades from any screen is all about finding out what kind of mood you are trying to create. You can create that personal touch lighting if you go for a classic look rodeo theme or a more modern, romanticized version of the Old West. This is not only a great and easy way to incorporate a cowboy theme at home, but are also perfect for the cowboy or cowgirl lover in your life.

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Chandelier shades choose a display of any color that suits your decorating scheme. Buy a rub-on transfer fabric, which represents a classic cowboy / cowgirl scene. This could be the bull riding, grazing, campfire songs, a woman and her horse or what fits best with your decor. Adjustment also buy rope and a couple of small metal charms old west, like horseshoes or spurs.

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The trick on how to make chandelier shades is all in the details, so choose those that reflect the theme you want to convey. You will also need a hot glue gun and glue extra bars. Putting it all together, putting rub-on transfer or decal, according to the product instructions on your screen. If you have chosen some of them, be sure to lay out before doing anything permanent.

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