Classy Murano Glass Chandelier

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Murano Glass Chandelier Color

Murano glass chandelier – You might think that using lamps modern chandelier in Murano glass decorating scheme these days is an oxymoron. Most common idea is that you are out of fashion in pastel shades of light hanging above that are far from simple lines and sensibilities today. But I was wrong (and certainly underestimated an industry that has existed for at least 800 years), and as I will show today, Murano chandeliers some less demanding work splendidly in contemporary interiors.

Murano glass chandelier, blown glass, or glass of Bohemia, are some of materials used to manufacture these lamps we call chandeliers, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers and crystal chandeliers. All selections Murano glass lighting come from Villaverde based in London. lighting designers luxury with an eye to marry traditional craftsmanship with classic room of 21st century I had first mark last summer during birthday party of a friend of a friend, where all I could do is look wowed spider in your living room.

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What I really appreciate aesthetics of curves Villaverde (in general) discreet and rich iridescence of its chandeliers that comes from its use of elegant colors and hip. Imagine declaration of a spider emerald green, gothic deep magenta or black (not necessarily in same pendant!). Or imagine magnificence of color glass snuff illumination light wrapped in gold leaf! I would definitely love to do a green interior lamp modern murano glass chandelier with deep sofas contemporary tufted to black chocolate, rich eggplant side chairs resting on a geometric patterned carpet with subtle touches of gold. Delicious!

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