Clean A Sharp Drawer Microwave

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Modern Drawer Microwave

Drawer microwave – Sharp microwave drawer is a device designed to slip into the kitchen units, working as a drawer instead of a traditional freestanding microwave. This sleek device is the perfect complement to any home, because when it is not in use, it is conveniently tucked away in the kitchen decor. Cleaning the Sharp microwave drawer is an easy task that requires just a few simple cleaning ingredients that are most likely already on hand in your home

Pour a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl and place it in the microwave on high heat for three minutes. This will loosen any accumulated debris, making the surface easy to wipe clean. While the water is in the microwave, add a cup of water to a spray bottle, along with a half cup of distilled white vinegar. White vinegar has an antiseptic quality that effectively cleans the interior Sharp drawer microwave without causing damage. Vinegar also acts as a deodorizer to avoid unattractive odors which can sometimes develop. Make no replacements, because only distilled white vinegar has disinfectant quality.

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When the three-minute cycle has passed, carefully remove the dish with water from the microwave. Use a pot holder to the dish and water will be very hot. Discard the water. Spray vinegar solution onto a cleaning cloth and wipe the inside walls of the drawer microwave. Clean, until you are satisfied with the result and let it air dry. Use this solution as an all-purpose cleaner for the microwave that will leave the unit clean and free of bacteria and odor.

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