Cool Ultrasonic Bamboo Diffuser

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Great Bamboo Diffuser

Bamboo diffuser – Create an atmosphere of harmony with the aroma of your preference. Candle or lamp diffusers break down aromatic molecules, which detract from the therapeutic power of essential oils. Enjoy the universe of essential oils scattered with cold steam to take full advantage of the benefits of your aromatherapy products. It produces ultrasonic vibrations that generate cold vapor (light mist), keeping the aromatic properties of the molecules of essential oils complete for up to 8 continuous hours.

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How to use ultrasonic bamboo diffuser? With the diffuser switched off, remove the top cover from the base. Add water to where the internal mark indicates (600ml). Add 10 to 15 drops of your essential oil or preferred synergy. Put the lid back on its base, plug it in and turn on the steam button.

For maximalist using bamboo diffuser always add water before essential oils. Do not inhale directly from the steam outlet. Only for diffusion in the environment. Use tap water. Also clean twice a week or every change of essential oil with clean and damp cloth, do not use detergents or abrasive products to avoid damaging the ceramic interior. And the last recommendation, empty the water if the product is not in use to avoid the generation of bacteria and mold.

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