Cozy And Practical Tall Bar Table

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Tall Bar Table Base

To create in your home a cozy and practical corner in which to have breakfast every morning you just need a simple wooden board and two stools. If you keep reading, you’ll see that it’s easier than you think. Today we teach you how to compose a great mini-space in which to have a coffee while you contemplate the city through the window. To fasten tall bar table to the wall you will need two squares of the style you prefer. In this case, an iron model painted in black has been chosen. Oh!

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And two stools will also be essential, of course. One of the inducements of this DIY work is how easy it is and how quickly it is put into practice. When the time comes to install the wooden board on the wall, it is best that you sit on one of the stools and you will discover what is the appropriate height to which you must place the tall bar table.

Once you have decided, you only have to drill the drills with a drill and put some suitable dowels to fix the brackets, which will then support the weight of the tall bar table. First put a square and before putting the second, use a spirit level to make the shelf is straight. And with the two supports placed, put the board and fix it with screws.

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