Creative IKEA Corner Shelf

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Contemporary Ikea Corner Shelf

IKEA corner shelf – If you do not know where to leave shampoo, gel and creams and you do not have the need to reform the bathroom or budget do not want to pierce the wall , a corner shelf is what you need. Not much space but is large enough to store everything you need.

Whether you opt for an IKEA corner shelf as a pendant, the result depends on how much storage space you need and how much you space has available. The advantage of the corner shelf on the wall do not have to hang and therefore do not need or dowels or screws, and this also allows the can move easily. Hanging shelves need that hang so will be subject to a fixed point with screws and nails, yes, they are perfect as decoration and consume almost no space! You can complement the decor by placing a corner sofa just below, for example.

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As we know, children have plenty of toys to keep, so they need plenty of storage space. All his stuffed animals are sorted and in place with an IKEA corner shelf! It’s a great idea; you can also buy a colorful shelf that fits perfectly with the joy that convey children’s rooms. How about a green shelf in the corner that looks like a wooded area? Your little one will be happy with such a creative room. And you quieter with everything tidy!

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