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Custom Duvet Covers Printing

Custom Duvet Covers – If you want to make your own cover for the comforter of your bed, in order not to spend more money on new winter clothes, here we give you the necessary steps to achieve it. It is not a difficult task, but you should pay attention if you want the result to be spectacular. The cover that you are going to elaborate will have an opening in one of the sides to introduce the quilt and two small openings in the other, to put the hands and facilitate the operation.

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Therefore, it will be comfortable and practical when it comes to washing or putting it on. To begin, measure the width and length of the custom duvet covers for which you are going to make the cover. Next, cut two pieces with these measurements, adding a margin of 1.5 cm all around for seams. If the quilt is very bulky, you can also add 2 or 3 cm in length and width.

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On one of the sides, it leaves a centered tab 1 cm wide and 110 cm long and, at the ends on the opposite side, two tabs 1 cm wide and 18 cm long, so that afterwards the hems of the openings through a hidden seam sew the custom duvet covers all around, except in the three tabs, which you should leave open. Finally, you can choose between leaving the side openings open or closing them with Velcro or automatic buttons.

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