Decorate Bedroom With Walnut Headboard

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Stylish Walnut Headboard

Walnut headboard – When you want to decorate a room around a dark wood headboard, it has a variety of design options. Whether it’s a rich mahogany, a deep cherry or a black walnut, dark wood can be used in many styles, from traditional to contemporary chic. Take your header style example to plan your design scheme. Corresponding to your header to a theme or design style. For example, an almost black, very dark walnut headboard with sharp angles and sleek lines takes on a modern or even more contemporary Asian look, while an ornate mahogany piece can evoke a more romantic or classic design. The determination of the design aesthetics of the head of the bed will dictate how to proceed with all aspects of the decoration of your room, bedding up to the color wall.

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Select other pieces of furniture to complement your dark walnut headboard. Look for a similar color and night table. Another option, which works well for a polished modern environment, is to choose pieces of wood painted in red or blue tones.

Create a color scheme for walls and floors. For a modern look, accent your contemporary headboard with dark wood floors of the same color and a clean design of paint in white contrast. For a more traditional look, try warmer colors to bring out the chocolate or cinnamon tones that some dark walnut headboard have. Use peaches, yellows or creams as walls or colored rugs.

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