Decorate DIY Sputnik Chandelier

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Sweet Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik chandelier – At the end of 1957, in the former Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite in the world, which country I called Sputnik. The launching of the satellite marked the transition to the space age. To pay tribute to the Space Race decorating chandelier in the house with accessories retro space. Shelf space race by decorating a chandelier in your home with retro, space-related accessories.

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You must know that decorate sputnik chandelier  is not difficult. Decorate sputnik chandelier is very simple. And know you will know how to decorate sputnik chandelier. Ok.! Lt’s go.! Instructions to decorate sputnik chandelier: First, Hang space-related holiday tree ornaments from the chandelier. You can mix and match ornaments of different stars or hang on different planets from the chandelier bars.

Second, weave a space-related wreath made of flexible, metallic-wrapped wire around the chandelier forming a crown of sorts around the chandelier frame. Your wreath can feature stars, planets, rockets or spacecraft. Third, Purchase miniature lamp shades that fits over the bulb. Shade should be white, or can function space themed projects contain space-inspired patterns, such as stars, comets and planets. It is a simple instruction to decorate sputnik chandelier, aren’t it?

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