How To Decorate With Leaning Shelves

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Bamboo Leaning Shelves

Leaning shelves – Decorating with reclining shelves adds visual interest to your living room, hall, office or bedroom. You can integrate multiple sets of slanted shelves into a room, or use a single shelf to add functionality and style to a forgotten corner.

Sketch a layout of the room you plan to decorate with slanted shelves. Note the relative amount of space different furniture consumer, and also take into account high traffic areas that you should keep clear of furniture or accessories.  Plan wall color and finish before placing leaning shelves in your room. Many inclined shelves have deep shelves or wide pockets of space, which means that large parts of the wall can look through. Take advantage of this by painting the entire wall a bright accent color, such as poppies orange or lime green.

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Marry form and function with your leaning shelves and room decor. Some inclined shelves have a narrow frame, but a high profile, making them ideal for places with more vertical storage than floor space. Other shelves include a broader segment to use as a desk, a classic small space solution.  Accessorize leaning shelves wisely. In most cases, leaning shelves no enclosure, so everything you store on them are in plain view. To resolve some of these issues by using storage containers or baskets to hold objects. Books always look at home on open shelves, and you can use other books stacked horizontally as bookends or invest in some stylish bookends.

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