How To Decorate Rope Chandelier

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Best Rope Chandelier

Rope chandelier – This modern and elegant design very current lamp you can do it with inexpensive materials in a short time and using recycled material to give it that nice way. Let’s see step by step to create this beautiful lamp. It is much easier than it seems at first glance. Cutting away the bottle stopper just below the neck. Sand the edges to not hurt it may have been somewhat sharp. Here you can see the edges that may be, the soda bottle chosen should be one having the upper part uniform without decorations or recesses.

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Rope chandelier will stick tape or duct tape around the bottle of soda in the area to which you will wrap the thread. As the bottle in question also has a recess that part few turns tape hide this difference in diameter. On the neck of the bottle we wrap a pair of elastic bands and you sand the bottle, the part that you will use to improve the grip of the rope.

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Rope chandelier, hooked one end of the rope to the gums paper and began to wrap it around the bottle. Let extending the tail at the same time. When you have about three centimeters of wire you wrapped stopped and set the string to the bottle with some tape.

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