How Decorate Round Chandelier

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Globe Round Chandelier

Round chandelier – We continue with our decorative cross today, and basic plastic pots that have decorated now we add the basic lamps to decorate well and thus save a lot of money. Not to mention that you can do it with the colors you prefer to combine well with the color of your interior. Keep reading this craft to learn how to paint and decorate lamps easily.

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Round chandelier arrange spray paints following his instructions. Clean the surface of the glass globe with alcohol and a cotton swab. Arrange the globe pendant on a flat surface and measuring 10 cm from the table with a ruler. Cut small pieces of tape and mark around the pendant light. Place the tissue paper into a bowl and carefully turns the pendant globe making sure the line is level.

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Round chandelier paint a layer of spray paint metallic opaque glass and let it dry. Repeat giving another layer of the same paint. Continue painting until 4 layers of paint. Set aside to dry. Look for the pink spray paint. Starting in the middle of the mark made using the same method paints the glass globe. Remove the tape and let dry.

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