Designing Modern Baby Quilts

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Modern Baby Quilts Ideas

Designing your modern baby quilts is a rewarding experience while financially smart. You can design your own baby bedding for a fraction of the cost of buying baby bedding from a department store, even if you have little experience in sewing. For larger pieces, such as bumper pads or baby quilt, these require a little more concentration, but still moderately flexible. The choice of your design and color combination is the most difficult part.

Modern baby quilts, measure the length and width of the crib. Add 1 inch to each of your measurements. Cut the paper pattern to fit the measurements of the crib, including the additional inches added. Decide how deep you want to design the protective pads. To create the pattern of the bumper pads, tape the pattern to the depth you want, from end to end.

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Modern baby quilts, cut the pattern to fit the length of the side, plus 1 inch. Repeat with the ends of the crib, also adding an inch. Perform the crib pattern and hold it to the inside of the crib. Mark the pattern with a pencil where you would like the stickers of the loops to be sewn. They will have to line up with the bars of the crib evenly. Place the fabric and pattern out into a flat work area and then fold it in half inward towards itself. Place a layer of cotton wadding on top of the fabric.

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