Desktop Shelf Decor Ideas

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Loft Desktop Shelf

Desktop shelf – Given the lack of space for saving, often you seek alternatives and that’s when the shelves as a great option appear. Today you are going to dedicate specifically to floating, ideal when you want to dress up a wall without brackets in sight. This resource is very flexible, gives us the advantage of regulating the heights with each other, as you have to locate and also the possibility of regulating the depth.

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Usually desktop shelf, you can choose different depths depending on what you want to locate: for boys or alternatively in the room objects, ideally no more than 20 cm deep. For a standard library, about 20 or 22cm are good measures.  If the idea is to use them to place boxes or larger items, can reach 30cm. In case you want to fulfill the function table light, must be between 30 and 40 cm deep.

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When installing a desktop shelf, the first question to ask is: what is the weight to be borne? And so choose the best system gripping the wall. The simplest, when the load is not important, it is the following procedure: first, a wooden batten to the wall is screwed, considering the weight and size of the shelf. The latter engages and then bolted to the bar.

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