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Cozy Bedding Coupon Ideas

Cozy Bedding – When it comes to hedgehogs, there are two types of beds are the most commonly used fabric and wood shavings. Wood shaving bed is a bed type most common and familiar to most new pet owners because it is easy to find at the local pet store a person. However, many people may be surprise to discover that the bed linen. Which is preferred by breeder’s hedgehogs and fans, is cheaper, easier to use, and possibly safer alternative sleep.

Aside from convenience, what the other advantages of cozy bedding for one, wood shavings will not easily show bodily fluids. These are the advantages and disadvantages depending on whether you want to monitor your hedgehog urine and feces for health purposes. Second, hedgehogs really enjoy digging through the bed lose. Finally, some people may simply prefer to use the beds are just discard or compost, instead of reused or wash in the washing machine.

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Cozy bedding this has the advantage of being easy to change, reusable, inexpensive, and less messy than wood shavings. Bulu cheap and readily available at craft stores and large discount stores such as Wal-Mart. It is generally consider the best to buy enough fabric for two cage liners. That allow you to always have a backup in case one of the ships in the wash. If you do not want urine stains and other body fluids are too obvious. Consider buying a darker color on the fabric as this will make stains less visible.

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