Directions To Build A Cedar Drawer Chest

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Modern Drawer Chest

Drawer chest – A cedar drawer chest is a good storage complement to any home, the smell of cedar is a natural deterrent to insects that can damage blankets or other items in the store. A simple cedar drawer chest can be embellished by adding wood trim to the outer, or by lining the inside with thin pieces of red cedar. But you want to make your breast, this small and simple cedar drawer chest a good project for the beginning woodworker

Cut 8-foot cedar board into three 24-inch pieces and two 12-inch pieces. Set the plywood base on the work table. This is the underside of the breast. Run a bead of glue around all four edges of the plywood. Pre-drill holes using drill bit recessed, on the sides and bottom of the 24-inch pieces and 12-inch pieces Attach one of the 24th-inch pieces to the front by screwing the wood screws into the bottom of the piece. Glue and screw the cover into place. Attach 3-inch-by -24-inch board to the rear edge of the top of the box, drilling and countersink holes, and using wood screws. Place the remaining 24-inch piece of the opening in the top of the box. This piece will overhang the front of the drawer chest.

Screw the two 3/4-inch-by-3/4-inch-by-9-1 / 2-inch wood to the interior top piece. Install the inner cover bracket, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand inside and outside of the chest. Add Panels, if desired, to the front of the drawer chest, and attaches with adhesive finish nails. Use a nail set and fill the holes with putty. Install handle on each side of the box.

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