Drawer Pulls And Knobs For Antique Furniture

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Vintage Bakelite Drawer Pulls And Knobs

Drawer pulls and knobs – If you are like many people you have or two old cabinets that has seen better days. Or maybe you like to spend your weekends tromping through flea markets and garage. Vintage antique dressing table and could be a real steal, especially if they are buried in layers of old paint or finish. Most people will not want to bother with all the work of stripping and refinishing but you know a bargain when you see one.

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Certainly drawer pulls and knobs do not have to be old or valuable to benefit from a facelift and the real secret to any closet makeover in hardware. It’s as easy as changing the old drawer pull or buttons and you can find these at any hardware store or home improvement center home. If you are working with a closet, which is essentially a combination dresser and closet, you can also find a suitable cabinet handles and hinges as well.

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Replace drawer pulls and knobs this is a simple task. Just arm yourself with a screwdriver and you’re ready to go. Most home hardware such as drawer and cabinet handles mounted with Phillips head screws but if you have an antique piece screw may have only a single slot. It’s important to remember that drawer will generally have two attachment holes while the buttons usually have only one.

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