Dress Up Your Bed With Lace Bedding

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Beautiful Lace Bedding

Lace Bedding – When it comes to the classic bed design, there are a few things that you can count on with any and every configuration. The first is the mattress, and the second is the box spring or foundation. However, when you’re trying to look at your bedroom from a decorating perspective, it’s the latter element that will need to be cover up the most. This isn’t news at all, but something that decorators have to deal with every day in order to make sure that they have the cleanest theme possible for their bedrooms.

If you’re wondering about how to “cover up” the mattress, well — that’s what normal bedding and comforters are for. However, what does that really leave for the humble box spring? After all, the box spring has a lot of work to do, and that work should probably be kept “under the hood” as much as possible. If this is the situation that you’re facing right now, there’s a resource that might help: lace bedding.

Lace bedding is exactly what it sounds like – a lace bedding piece of cloth that goes around the box spring and keeps it hidden away from the casual viewer in the room. When you’re really trying to go above and beyond in decorating your bedroom, you want to make sure that you pick up any finishing touches that might be necessary to really pull off the theme of a room. The lace bedding plays perfectly into this, since it will help you conceal the box spring, which isn’t really a design element at all. In addition, if you plan on using an under-the-bed storage system, you will need a lace bedding to keep people from seeing that you have a lot of items stored under your bed. It just doesn’t look visually appealing, and the focus is on making the room look at fantastic as possible.

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