Excellent Vintage Drawer Pulls

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Antique Bail Drawer Pulls

Vintage drawer pulls – Adding pulls for drawers are an excellent way to dress up boring or outdated furniture. Some trays are designed to not have pull, others come stripped down with the understanding that they will be added later, and still others have been omitted for reasons of cost. Tractor is designed to be both modern and functional, with designs from the very ornate to simple wonder. Come vintage drawer pulls placed directly and uniformly is sometimes a challenge, but a very easy to make template removes almost all worry.

Select where on the front of the drawer you would prefer located. Cut a piece of thick paper of the same size as the drawer face. Measure the top and bottom to find the key points and draw a connecting line. Measure the two sides and create a center line for them too. If you are using a single screw draws, this will be sufficient. For double-screw vintage drawer pulls, measure the space from the center of a propeller shaft to the center of the other, dividing it in half and mark those spots on each side of the template center.

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Take a small pointed object like a Philips screwdriver and push it through the paper to make a notch in the wood face. Drill holes in the drawers under the guidance marks exactly. Be sure the drill bit goes straight through, and not at an angle. Drill holes for the rest of the drawers. Place screws through the back face of the tray into the hole on the vintage drawer pulls and carefully screw it until tight. This helps to avoid drawing the screws sideways, which makes the coating is free.

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